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                                 Profile of Fujian Foreign Trade and Economic Officials’ Training Centre 


Fujian Foreign Trade and Economic OfficialsTraining Centre operates directly under Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, undertaking the assignment from Ministry of Commerce of facilitating international human resources development, the training of officials in foreign trade and economy, personnel business and job training, overseas learning and labor certification. In March of 2008 and May of 2010, Fujian Foreign Trade and Economic Officials’ Training Centre was recognized as a human resources training base for African countries and MOFCOM training Base for International Business Officials respectively by the State Council and the Ministry of Commerce. In recent years, Fujian Foreign Trade and Economic Officials Training Centre has received thousands officials and professional technicians at ministerial, bureau and departmental level from over one hundred countries and helped them complete seminars on various subjects, which has enhanced China’s friendship with other countries in the world.